Grumpy Cat Sunday

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I’m having a “grumpy cat day” today. These are the days when I feel grumpy for no obvious reason, and nothing seems to be good enough. The fridge is full, but “there is absolutely nothing to eat”. There are so many things I wanted to do on the weekend, but “there is absolutely nothing to do” right now.

I slept till noon today. The weather was just so rainy and grey, and my bed with the fresh sheets was so cozy. So when I finally got up, the day was half over and I could feel Monday creeping in already.

Mondays are my absolutely least favorite days. When I wake up on Monday morning feeling tired already (and I do feel tired every morning because I don’t like mornings either), I think to myself every time: “Man, if I feel like crap at 8 a.m. on Monday already how am I going to survive five more days of this?” I read once that if you think Mondays suck, it’s your job that sucks, not the day of the week. I’m not going to comment on this without my lawyer present. Also, something’s telling me that there will couple of Mondays in the coming week for me, if not all five, so this might as well turn into “grumpy cat week”.

I have been carrying around these three stories for a while in my head now, which I thought I’ll be writing down on the weekend. These are all cool stories. One is about how I unexpectedly closed my account on Facebook after 7 years of posting and sharing; the other one was supposed to be about things one really doesn’t want to know about their colleagues, but I did find out and this is not even the worst part in that story; and the last one is about a very unusual chain of events that resulted in a very unusual situation that happened like two days ago. But the grumpy cat right now thinks it is all lame, is mocking me and wants either some chocolate or to go to sleep. Unfortunately, “somebody” (we all know who it was, but we don’t want to point fingers) “accidentally” threw away the rest of the chocolate. I think I should start installing alarm systems on my sweets now. Sleeping is also not an option, because then I’ll end up being awake all night.

I wish there was some grumpy cat vet I could visit or some anti-grumpiness medicine I could take to get it out of my system. I tried a huge home-made meat ball sandwich and chocolate pudding already, it didn’t work. So I’ll be in my room, staying away from other people, browsing on my pc, secretly laughing at pictures of a real grumpy cat, imagining I could say this all out loud to somebody in real life:



This would totally make my day!

No, but usually I’m a really nice person.

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