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Fictional stories can never match the true stories of life. The stories that happen to real people. The stories of personal struggle, success and failure, difficult choices, hard work and calling.

This blog is the place where these stories are told.

Every other week, I’ll be interviewing one of the people who happened to cross my pass and leave a mark.

Business owners and employees. Entrepreneurs, social media experts, successful bloggers, writers, chefs, designers, and many more.

Where are they on their journey? What does it take to reach there? Would they change anything if they started over?

In each story, valuable insights and tips from professionals in their field and simply people that have something important to share.

Who knows, maybe your story is next!

You Have a Story to Tell?

Great! Have I told you about my interview process?

It’s nothing like a usual interview where we talk for half an hour and I simply write it down. One interview takes at least 3 weeks to produce, spent in a close collaboration with my interviewee.

If you are serious about getting your story out there:

  • Read my post Wanted: Next Interviewee” to get a gist of what kind of stories I’m looking for and see if yours “qualifies”.
  • Read the post “Behind the Scenes” to find out about the interview process and whether you are up to it.
  • Drop me a line with a summary of your story telling me (very important) what its take-aways for the readers would be.

Bonus: As a “thank you” for my interviewees and as a highlight of their story I create an infographic for every article.

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    1. Hi. Wow, me and award? Are you sure? Last time I won anything I was 3 years old, and it was an accident! Thank you very much! I’d better get to answering those questions straight away… 🙂

    1. Hi Valentine 🙂 Thank you so much! You can’t imagine how I appreciate people who read more than the current post. Feel free to look around 🙂 Because I can’t stick to a particular topic or style (which I’m sure you’ve already noticed) there are posts for every taste here 🙂

    1. Hi 🙂 Aw, you are just way too kind to me! I already have been nominated for Liebster Award, so not sure whether one can be nominated twice… But it means you got the Liebster award, too! Congratulations!! Well deserved 🙂 Is blogging fun or what? 😉

      Oh this reminds me: I still have to accept the previous award you nominate me for… (man, I’m currently so behind on everything…)

      1. Thanks, and it’s OK! Just my way of telling that how much I like your blogs. I suppose I’ll have to stop blogging for about a month due to exams. I’ll start after that.

      2. Oh, thank you so much 🙂 I guess I need to finally start blogging more regularly again. Wish you all the best for your exams 🙂

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