Meet the Story Tellers

Kashif Zahid

Kashif Zahid, Founder of an NPO

…shares his journey of a person determined to make a difference and talks about the reasons, the costs, and why it was worth it.


Stian Fossheim, Intelligence Consultant

…talks about what it takes to be an intelligence consultant revealing some of his professional secrets.


Carmia Cronjé, Graphic Designer

…shares her personal story and gives you a sneak peek into the world of a graphic designer.


Angela Alcorn, Freelance Writer

…tells you all you need to know (and more) about becoming a freelance writer and shares a 10 steps road map to your first paid blog post.


Trudy Grossman, Former Battered Wife

…shares her personal story of being in an abusive relationship and talks about signs to watch out for to recognize an abusive relationship early.

Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey, Blind Blogger

…talks about what it’s like to be blind and shares his story of becoming a blogger and an entrepreneur.


Nasir Jamal, Pakistani Journalist

…talks about unstable situation in Pakistan and the reasons behind the recurring terrorist attacks in the country.


Chad Thompson, Online Entrepreneur

…shares his story on how resquing a dog earned him 100.000$ and gives valuable tips on running a successful online business.


Landysh Akhmetzyanova, Language Teacher

…gives you tips on learning a foreign language more effectively by making it a fun experience.

Jack Thurston

Jack Thurston, Expert on Fatherlessness

…addresses a very important problem and talks about how a physically or emotionally absent father affects your life.


Danielle van de Kemenade, Life Coach

…tells you about work of a life coach and shares her recipe for a life welled lived.


Hannah C J, High-School Student

…allows you a sneak peak at a life of a teenager and shares her tips for parents on how to improve your relationship with your teenage child.


Abby Bird, Psychotherapist

…talks about what it’s like to be a psychotherapist and shares some tips on how to keep your mind healthy.


Rob Philbin, Copywriter

…tells you about work of a copywriter and gives valuable advice on how to improve your writing.


Heather Kraafter, Entrepreneur

…shares her story of following her dream and becoming an entrepreneur.


Maria Nasir, Food Blogger

…tells her story of becoming a food blogger and shares her tips on how to make your blog successful.


Lany Sullivan, Sales Professional

…shares valuable tips on how to build an online community using social networks.