Why should your jam-packed inbox get more emails?

Good question! I have another one for you…

How would you like to ask a life coach a question even your therapist couldn’t help you with?

An online business expert about how to finally make a break-through with your blog?

A lawyer about your situation with your landlord? A freelance writer about how much you should charge for your work?

A blind person about how it feels to be blind? A teenager about what the hell is wrong with the new generation?

Because, let’s face it, Google doesn’t know it all!

I’m sure you have tons of very specific questions the Internet can’t help you with, and where you would need to ask another person. Well, here’s your chance.

A week or so prior to an interview, you’ll get an email with a link and a password to a page where you can leave your personal question for my next interviewee. I’ll then make sure I’ll ask your question as a part of the main interview.

And of course you’ll be the first to know when the interview is out, as you’ll get it delivered to your inbox the moment I hit “publish”. Don’t worry. As it takes at least 3 weeks to produce an interview, I will be writing you once in a month, max.

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Still not convinced?

Check this out.

Prior to this interview with an online entrepreneur, my readers asked some very specific questions about how to get their blogs and online business moving forward.

The questions were so profound that we made a special post dedicated only to them called “How to Build a Successful Business with a Family and a Full-Time Job?”. The amount of very specific information and the benefit for the folks who asked the questions was simply mind-blowing!

Give it a go!

It takes like 5 seconds to subscribe (3 if you type fast), and you can unsubscribe anytime. And who knows what you’d miss if you don’t subscribe today.

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