How to Become a Freelance Writer

How to Become a Freelance Writer. A Story of One Career.

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How to become a freelance writer online? Is a degree important? Where…


What Grumpy Cat Can Teach You About SEO


I bet you have never thought you would see these two things in one sentence. And still, I’m not joking. But first things first.

If you are a SEO expert, doing SEO for a living, or a big SEO fan, you are officially excused. Go do something productive or eat a cookie.

If you have no idea what SEO is, don’t understand it, or feel intimidated by it, come with me! Grumpy Cat is waiting.

Do you blog or have a web site to maintain? Well, you probably do and you probably have. Otherwise, why would you want to know about SEO, if there are so many other more fun things out there?

Gill Andrews is a content creator and a web consultant from Germany. When she is not writing or analyzing websites, she is probably running after her toddler son or eating chocolate cake (because writing and running after toddlers requires a lot of energy). Read more about Gill on