I Touched The Ocean. It Was Not Amused.

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When you are a child, your days are full of firsts. First ice cream, first snow, first fight in the sand box. But as you grow older, there are not so many firsts left. Unless you are into sky diving or willing to travel to China for fried snake with a strawberry jam.

Until two years ago, I had never seen an ocean in my life. We live in Central Europe, and the closest we get here is rivers, lakes and a sea (if you travel far enough).

Two years ago we flew out on vacation to Portugal (remind me to tell you the hilarious story of us almost missing the plane). We traveled through various places and finally reached Sintra, a small city away from tourist rush.

This should have been the place where ocean and I were finally going to meet.

Gill Andrews is a content creator and a web consultant from Germany. When she is not writing or analyzing websites, she is probably running after her toddler son or eating chocolate cake (because writing and running after toddlers requires a lot of energy). Read more about Gill on www.Gillandrews.com