How one person can make a difference. Inspirational story.

How One Person Can Make a Difference. A Story of One Crazy Idea.

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Why put your needs aside for the sake of total strangers? How…

Why Universe Is A Man

5 Reasons Why Universe is a Man (Part 2)

A Personal Perspective

I was about to go out for groceries when it occurred to me that I needed at least 15 minutes to get ready. My husband, however, could have just changed his pants (if at all) to reach the shape presentable to the people outside.

If you think I wear a lot of make-up or don’t go out without my high heels you can’t be more wrong. If you are a man and you were to meet me you won’t even notice I’m wearing make-up. Why do I wear it then? Because you would notice if I didn’t, and depending on the day either asked whether I’m feeling alright or called an ambulance straight away.

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