Here’s what some of my interviewees think about their experience on True Stories.

Abigail Burd, Therapist (www.AbigailBurdLcsw.com)


Hey there. I am one of the past “interviewees”. I wish all of my writing projects could be a collaboration with Gill!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been interviewed only to read the result and be shocked at how distorted, incorrect and incomplete it ended up. Gill not only took the time to fully understand what I was saying, but to gently encourage me to elaborate my thinking with follow up questions. Because of her unique written, collaborative process, I felt in complete control over how my words and I were being represented.

Gill asked me several intelligent and insightful questions. We went through several rounds of questions and expansion, and she then edited it down. I feel I learned a good deal about writing and editing in the process!

She never once grumbled at me at how slow I sometimes responded. I even went on vacation in the middle of the project.

The end result is the best explanation of what I do to date. I have had my own family tell me that they have a better understanding of my business and profession now.

Gill, thanks again for selecting me for the interview!

Hannah C. J., Teenager (ReaderWriterCookieBaker)


It’s not every day that someone asks whether they can interview you. I’d certainly never considered myself the kind of brain people want to pick. So when Gill approached me I was as bewildered as I was excited.

Not for long though. The process was flexible, fulfilling and above all, fun! Gill made sure I was completely happy with what was going out into cyberspace and kept me well posted every step of the way.

So if you’re lucky enough to be approached, my advice is this: say yes! Gill provides an honest and open opportunity to get your voice heard. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Thanks for a great time, Gill!

Landysh Akhmetzyanova, Language Teacher (www.lingvistov.com)


Gill and I didn’t know each other a month ago. But after a few intensive weeks of discussions, relentless email exchange, and never ending excitement about the final product, now it seems like we have been friends for at least several years already.

Gill helped me all the way through with good advice and spot-on remarks. Actually not only concerning the interview, but also our own blog! Now I look at it with different eyes.

I’m warning you, it is not easy. So study the “Behind the Scenes” page carefully to be fully prepared. But at the end of the day it’s worth it. Gill, we have indeed created something “freakin’ awesome”! Thank you!

Maria Nasir, Food Blogger (www.foodacholic.biz)


Honestly, I was terrified when Gill Andrews approached me for an interview! What if I made a fool of myself publicly? What if the answers didn’t read as good as they sounded in my mind? What if I remembered to say something clever after the interview was already published?

But over the span of the next few weeks I was made comfortable by my candid interviewer, had ample time to think and review my answers and had the convenience of editing them till I was completely satisfied with what I was sending out.

Throughout this process Gill was extremely professional without being overbearing. The final outcome was surprising even for me: I never knew my story could be this interesting!

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