Wanted: Next Interviewee

Do you want your story to be heard?

For those who don’t know me: I interview interesting people.

And by “interview” I mean ask them direct and provocative questions, look at their story from different perspectives and make them reveal their insider knowledge.

And by “interesting people” I mean anybody who has something to share that will be beneficial to others, be it the insights on their profession or lessons learned from a personal journey.

You can meet all the previous story tellers and read their stories here.

Is it YOU I’m looking for?

Would you like to tell me about the challenges of your profession (teacher, doctor, fireman, pilot, architect, etc.)?

Have you left everything to follow your dream? Is there a particular story that happened to you you’d like to share?

If yes, great! Just one more thing. Please make sure that all the following points apply:

  • Your story has a learning effect for others (for ex., in my previous interviews, we learned about tips on better (copy)writing, whether teenagers are as bad as they say they are, how to keep your mind healthy, etc.)
  • You have no problem with direct questions
  • You are ready to be absolutely honest and open about the topic
  • You are ok with me editing your answers to make them “online-reader friendly” (your “way of speaking” as well as the information will be of course preserved).
  • You’ve read the “Behind the Scenes” page – attentively and in full – and you are ok with the process
  • You are ready to provide a clear head shot of yourself
  • You won’t be mad at me in case you’ll ask, but I won’t take your story

How does it work?

I’ll share a document with you that contains the questions. You can answer them on your own time. After you are done, I’ll have a look and will eventually add more questions. We’ll do a couple of these questions/answers/comments rounds.

At the end, I’ll do final editing of the text and publish it on truestorieswithgill.com with your pre-approval of the entire text.

As you can see, it’s not a 15 minutes chat that I’ll then write down. It’s a real collaboration between the two of us to tell your story the best way.

How long does it take?

Depending on your working schedule, it takes 2-3 weeks till an interview is published.

How much does it cost you?

Nothing. Just a bit of your time, that’s it.

What’s in for you?

You get to be interviewed. To tell your story. On the Internet. For a couple of pages with no one interrupting!

Would it be too weird if I interview myself? I think it will be too weird… Such a pity!

If you have a blog, a professional web site, or an initiative you’d like more people to know about we will talk about it as well (briefly, if it’s not related to the main story). I’ll link to it as well as to all other online profiles of yours in the text of the interview.

Also, as I often explain the reasons behind the changes I make, you’ll learn a great deal about writing, editing and content marketing in the process.

And in the end, I will create an infographic specially for our interview, which will have your name and the link to your web site and will be your own to use anyway you like. You can see the infographics I created for my previous interviewees here.

If you are still reading…

…and you are interested to become my next interviewee, drop me a line with a summary of the story you’d like to tell outlining the potential take-aways for the readers (this is really important).

I don’t care whether you are famous, or how old you are, whether you have 1 or 1 million followers on Facebook, or whether you know what Facebook is. I’ll hear everybody out and everybody will be treated the same.

Interested what stories others have to tell? Subscribe and stay tuned!

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